Ristorante Luci e Calici

Via Sammartino, 121, 90141 Palermo, Sicily, Italy

A small restaurant with a unique style and original where you can enjoy smoking Florentine presented on hot griddle (to finish cooking at the table) or absolutely fresh fish specialties. An environment dedicated to the fascinating culture of eating and drinking with gusto. Lucia Bruno and Giuseppe Leone, offering a kitchen that starts from the refinement of our raw materials. territory until landing a traditional food that does not leave innovation.

The menu is revised periodically depending on the season. Inevitable dishes of fish (depending on the catch of the day), raw seafood, Florentine steak, pork knuckle. Periodically have the compositions
of Sushi and Sashimi , edited by Chef Japanese. At lunch, for Vs lunches, we also offer a menu with Southern fast food without sacrificing taste.

Inside the restaurant staff will meet your requirements with exclusive offers: Appetizers, Buffet, Theme Dinners, Dinners with a fixed menu to customize according to your needs.