Car rental in Palermo

Plan your Palermo transportation with a car rental in Palermo. You can get around easily with a car rental in Palermo, Italy. Browse a list of companies to select the best option to rent a car in Palermo. With information from – renting a car in Italy is easy.

Roam Freely With Car Rental In Palermo

Car rental in Palermo allows you to explore the different areas of the city and the surrounding zone on your schedule. You will be able to quickly run out to Bagheria or to the nature park at Monte Pellegrino without having to wait for a bus or look for a taxi. As long as you have your GPS (and most rentals do) you will be the master of the island.

To make sure that your car rental in Palermo goes smoothly, you will want to be sure you understand the rules for renting a car in Italy. In general, you will want to be sure that you have reserved a car in advance. This is especially important for car rental in Palermo, Italy, as the island of Sicily does not have an unlimited supply of cars, especially in the peak summer months with local tourists compete with international travelers for the supply.

To rent a car in Palermo, the highest concentration of agencies can be found at the international airport. As in most places in America, pick up and drop off points are the same unless a special arrangement has been made. AutoEurope, Hertz, Holiday Auto, Sixt, Easy Car and other local and multinational chains maintain rental desks on the first floor of the airport.

When you are renting a car in Italy, you should be prepared for a manual transmission. Automatics are rare, and even if requested they may not be available on the day your arrive. You will also want to double check your auto insurance, or consider purchasing the rental agency’s car protections program. Those unfamiliar with the traffic laws in Palermo and the aggressive style of the local drivers are likely to suffer a few bumper touches.

Italian driving styles have calmed considerably since the driver’s license point system was redone to enforce license loss in the event of multiple accidents. However, speeding, passing without adequate signaling, and the general use of turn signals are areas of concern for foreign drivers. Your rental car should come with a copy of the relevant local laws, or you can request one from the rental desk.

Caveats about driving styles aside, there really is nothing like driving off into the Italian countryside under your own power. Car rental in Palermo can give you the freedom to cruise the coast at your leisure, and marvel in all the beautiful things that Sicily has to offer.