Outdoor markets

The outdoor markets in Palermo is a sure crowd pleaser. Browse the many different Palermo markets including the Vucciria market, Ballaro, and Borgo Vecchio in Palermo.

The Outdoor Markets Blend Past And Present For Bargain Hunters

One of the legacies of Palermo’s past as a commercial center and port that continues to manifest itself in the present day is the Palermo market culture. In particular, Palermo’s muslim history has made an imprint on the bazaars and markets of the town. Bustling, crowded, and full of all kinds of treasures, a day at the markets is a unique way to connect with the real lifestyle of the Palermo locals Monday through Saturday.

La Vucciria

The most famous Palermo market is the Vucciria market. In the local dialect, Vicciria means “voices” or “hubbub” which is certainly one way to find the market – just listen for the noise as everyone haggles back and forth! It flows through the side streets around the Piazza San Domenico.

The Vicciria market is open Monday through Saturday from around dawn until 2 pm (like most of the markets in the city). All kinds of fresh seafood, herbs, and local produce are on offer, but you’ll need to go before 10 am to get the best options on those goods. Souvenirs and local handcrafts are also offered at the Vicciria market.

Mercato di Capo

Though the Capo market sells a variety of goods, locals bypass them in favor of the food. In a concentrated section on the Via Volturno, street vendors have all the local delicacies.


In the Ballaro Palermo gets to combine the two Italian greats, food and clothes. Primarily a food market, the Ballaro market is a street eaters delight. It is also home to large numbers of discount clothes sellers, making vintage clothes shopping easy and finding Italian fashions cheaply possible. Look for its vendors in the streets around the Piazza Carmine.

Borgo Vecchio

At the Borgo Vecchio, Palermo has a mini Casbah that draws in the young. Unlike the other markets that close early, the Borgo Vecchio stays open until the evening hours. Many people like to shop here before heading out for pre-dinner drinks, or browse the stalls late at night for special bargains.

Antique Market at Piazza Peranni

Italy’s past is on display and on sale at the Piazza Peranni each day when the market opens. More established shops mingle with the stalls to blend flea market culture with the best of antiquing. Reproduction pieces can be as beautiful as the real thing, but bargain carefully to be sure you are getting what you pay for here.