Enjoy all of the amazing Palermo restaurants in Palermo Italy. Palermo Italian restaurants and food cuisines that range from traditional pastas to great authentic pizza parlors. All the Palermo restaurants have delicious wine selections too!

Palermo’s Restaurants Are Heaven For Your Stomach

Italian food culture is famous all over the world, and Palermo works hard to keep up the tradition of excellence. Of course, Palermo Italian restaurants are working with a few natural advantages that help set them apart. Not only does the city have a strong cafe and dining culture, but the presence of the sea and the agricultural bounty of the island means that there are enough locally sourced ingredients to make almost anything under the sun.

The best dishes in any Palermo restaurant combine the natural wealth of the area with the long culinary history of the island. Italian food cuisine is influenced by the centuries spent under Arab rule as well as the sailing culture that flows in from the harbor. Expect to have rich aromas and no hesitance about using unusual spices to liven up even the simplest dishes.

The simplest dishes here are the pizzas, available from any number of pizzerias and pizza parlors throughout the city. These sit down snacks are supplemented by the lively street eats vendors who dot the corners of town. Do as the locals do and stop for a snack whenever you smell something your like.

From there, all kinds of complex dishes rise up. Vegetarians will be pleased with the number of dining choices available here over and above the usual margherita pizza. Eggplant dishes and chickpea fritters are especially tasty.

Evening dishes often focus on the catch of the day. Expect mussels, sardines, and fresh fish of every variety to be on the menu. Pastas tossed with seafood and special sauces are a local staple.

Most restaurants serving breakfast open early, especially the coffee shops, juice bars, and bakeries. Other restaurants open in the mid to late morning hours and stay open until almost midnight. Tourist area hours are generally longer than in more traditional neighborhoods, and you should expect a number of the restaurants to be closed on Sundays (especially Sunday mornings) and Mondays.

Lunches can be lengthy affairs, and dinner is not usually eaten until 8 pm. From approximately 5 – 7 pm the cocktail and snack hour reigns supreme, as restaurants and cafes encourage patrons to try a little something to open the palateĀ and prepare for the evening meal. The set menus offered in most restaurants will make it easier to choose your dishes, but whatever your choice, in Palermo, be ready for a great meal.