Palermo weather

Get up to date Palermo weather information for your visit. The Palermo weather forecast will help you decide your vacation attire and activities you would like to enjoy. offers current weather in Palermo and temperature.

Enjoy Palermo’s Mediterranean Climate

One of the best things about visiting Palermo is the knowledge that the weather will rarely stop you from doing whatever you like on the island. While Palermo weather definitely keeps four seasons, you don’t have to worry about the extreme temperatures that plague other holiday destinations points. Weather in Palermo follows a mild Mediterranean pattern, and the typical Palermo weather forecast should read Fine for exploring.

Weather in Palermo

In the spring, weather in Palermo ranges from the mid-50’s to the mid-60s. You’ll definitely want to take a jacket with you and work with layers to adjust to both the midday heat and the evening chill. Italy’s a bit too cold for hitting the beaches without a wetsuit, although the gardens are certainly lovely as they begin to bloom. Remember that in March and April you’ll want an umbrella for the rains.

In the summer months, the Palermo weather gets nice and warm. Temperatures peak in the mid-80’s and the lows are in the mid-70’s. Double check if air conditioning is important to you. Not all hotels have central air although most have fans and windows that open for the harbor breezes. It almost never rains, so you can wander the city, explore the countryside, or hit the beach without fear of showers. A sweater may be useful in the evening if you are dining along the harbor, as the winds off the ocean can be cool against bare skin.

The fall temperature shift really arrives in October, which also marks the return of the rainy weather. Still, it’s not truly cold. Temperatures dip to the low 60’s at night, but sitting at the cafe tables at midday is still comfortable. If you like to hike and walk the countryside, this is a good season for it as it is less rainy in the fall than in the spring months on average.

The winters in Palermo are mainly characterized by rain, instead of snow. The Palermo weather forecast in December and January has rain nearly 40% of the time. Highs are in the low 60s with low in the 50s, dipping down into the upper 40s on particularly chilly nights. You’ll want to check if your hotel has heating before arriving, as the long summer season means that many go without, opting for space heaters and hot water bottles over central heat. Many also close from November to January, so you will want to book carefully.