Palermo boats

While you are in Palermo add a little excitement on the water to your trip. Rent a boat in Italy and enjoy the beautiful views. Sailing in Italy is a great activity. Find boats in Italy or information on where you can enjoy your travels in Palermo on the water.

Boating Offers A Chance To Explore Palermo’s Offshore Attractions

As an island, Sicily cries out to be explored by boat. During your stay in Palermo, you will have many opportunities to look out over the harbor and see the boats coming in to dock. If you have ever dreamed of sailing in Italy, there is no reason to wait. Thanks to the large marina and the many private boat slips, you can rent a boat in Italy on very short notice and be well on your way to exploring the beautiful Tyrrhenian Sea.

Boats in Italy are available in a number of different classes to holiday makers. Obviously, the easiest and cheapest boat to rent will be a simple pedal boat or row boat. These are available at Mondello and many other smaller beaches, and can be rented by the hour.

For larger boats in Italy, it may be necessary to leave a deposit. Speed boats are popular rentals in the larger harbors for water sports or small fishing excursions. You may also find small sailboats readily available if you want to try sailing in Italy. Operators may require you to demonstrate that you know what you are doing with their boat in Italy before they send you out into the water, and you may need to sign some forms.

Yachts, deep water fishing boats, and charter boats can also be hired. To rent these boats in Italy, it can be much faster if you agree to hire the captain with the boat. You may want to do this anyway for your own navigational and personal comfort.

In Palermo, Siremar S.P.A., Tirrenia di Navigazione S.P.A., and Ferrovie dello Stato are the main ferry lines and boat runners. Happy Charter, EuropaFloat, and YAIF also provide charter yacht service. Yachts can be hired by the hour, although they are generally hired by the day or by the week.

While it may seem like an intimidating prospect up front, many of the rental companies do have English language assistance and you may also be able to get help from a travel agency or hotel concierge in renting your boat. Boating in Italy is certainly a memorable experience, so don’t let a little paperwork up front dissuade you from living your dream.

From Palermo, you can quickly be around the bend to Mondello or on your way out to explore the Aeolian Islands. With a bit of wind and a smooth sea, it will be easy to settle into the sheer pleasure of sailing in Italy.