Things to do

There is plenty of things to do in Palermo, Italy for all to enjoy. Palermo attractions range from historical museums, beautiful palaces and more. The open markets are great tourist attractions in Palermo since this is where the fresh food can be found.

Palermo’s Attractions Have Something For All Tastes

Visiting Palermo, it highly likely that you will run out of time before you run out of things to see and do. Layered with history as well as modern attractions, Palermo is a vibrant city of nearly one million inhabitants. It functions as both a living museum and a launch point for exploring modern Italian culture.

For the historically minded, tourist attractions in Palermo cover the Pre-Historic Era to the present day. The Regional Archaeological Museum offers a survey of the island’s history, while the festival events held throughout the year highlight the ways that history is living and growing. The macabre Catacombs of the Cappuccini (Capuchin Catacombs) highlight the ways that history can be captured and displayed.

Palermo attractions for the cultural connoisseur include Italy’s largest indoor theatre, the Teatro Massimo, and a performance season the runs from November to May. The Modern Art Gallery presents the best new works, while the Palermo Cathedral offers a look at the lasting artists of the past.

Sports enthusiasts will also find many things to do in Palermo. The local soccer team is a Serie A class contender with a fierce following. The harbor offers surfing and water sports, with the Windsurfing World Merit Cup hosted each May.

If it’s shopping you seek, again Palermo is happy to oblige. Some of the most crowded tourist attractions in Palermo are the outdoor markets.

From the Vucciria to the Borgo Vecchio, bargain hunters and antique junkies will be in a heaven lined with rows of vendors with some of the world’s best street foods. Naturally, all of the independent shops are supplemented by boutique zones with Italy’s top fashion houses also open for business.

As the sun sets over the town, the official tourist attractions in Palermo may close, but the unofficial attractions are just warming up. Piazza culture and the vibrant nightlife of this city by the sea will have you struggling to choose between a quiet night of people watching and the chance to dance until dawn in one of the open air nightclubs.

In Palermo, things to do far exceed the hours of the day. Whether you choose to come in the peak season in the summer or the quieter season in the winter months, you will find a city that is always on the move. Developing, innovating, and growing, Palermo cherishes its past and opens its arms to you.