Plan your Palermo nightlife with We offer all the exciting places to check out on your night out. Browse the list of popular Palermo bars and clubs. You will have many options to create an exciting night to remember.

Nightlife in Palermo

Having a night out in Palermo means different things to different visitors. Fortunately, Palermo nightlife presents you with a number of options for evening entertainments. Do remember that the usual Italian dinner hour is 8 pm, so most of the spontaneous nightlife in the city does not get underway until 10 pm or later.

A Night of Culture

All through the year the performing arts scene in Palermo makes for amazing nights out. During the main Opera and Ballet seasons dozens of shows compete for your attention. In the summer months, live outdoor concerts and visiting performers stage comedic reviews and the latest stage adaptations. You can plan ahead for famous productions or simply buy a ticket at the door at smaller venues and original art performances.

A Night of Dancing

Dancing the night away is particularly popular in the summer months, when the tourist crowds swell the ranks of the night owls and open air dance floors are everywhere. You can check out some of the most popular Palermo clubs at:

  • Candelai, considered the “main” dance spot, Via Candelai 65
  • Tonnara Florio, Discesa Tonnara 4
  • Kursaal Kalesa Club, Foro Umberto 21A
  • Country Club, Via della Olimpo, which has a large open air dance floor in the summer months.

A Night of Drinking

Palermo bars are an entirely different category from its restaurants. Italians take their aperetivos and evening cocktails seriously, and the science of mixology is an advanced art in Palermo. You can find a number of different drinking scenes in the city, including:

  • Au Domino, one of Palermo’s original pubs in the Via Principe di Belmonte
  • The American Bar, a rooftop affair with views over the city at the Grande Albergo Sole, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 291
  • Bottiglieria del Massimo, a wine bar just steps from the Teatro Massimo with outdoor seating on Via Spinuzza 59
  • Bar Fiera Vecchia, known for its inventive cocktail blends, Piazza della Rivolunzino

A Night of People

Of course, with everyone running around to enjoy the nightlife, don’t forget to enjoy the more relaxing version of Palermo nightlife-the people watching. Gather with friends for a drink or a late night coffee at one of the cafes and watch the crowds flow as everyone tries to see and be seen. Good watching and gathering spots are:

  • Piazza Olivella, which is popular with younger nightowls
  • Borgo Vecchio, near the market stalls between Piazzas Sturzo and Ucciardone