Antica Focacceria S. Francesco

Via A. Paternostro, 58, Palermo, Italy

The authentic flavor of tradition, the revaluation of the time as a value to share together, through a process of meaning made of fragrances, the sun’s heat, the scents and aromas …

The craftsmanship of products which have roots far back in time simple and sophisticated at the same time … Sicily: history and culture of knowledge the result of sophisticated integrations. The color, the exaltation of taste heady, intense and passionate. Antica Focacceria St. Francis: the perfect alchemy between the sacred and the profane.

In 1834, Principles of Catholic surrender to the court cook Anthony Alaimo the chapel of the Palazzo S. Francis was born then the homonymous focaccia, whose fame soon spread even among the noble elites and intellectuals. In 1848 Ruggero Settimo celebrates his election as head of government and marsala with sfincione of Focacceria, Garibaldi and the Thousand there eating and drinking first national unity, the King and Queen of Italy, Spain and Belgium, but also Pirandello, Crispi and many other distinguished personality will taste the dishes full of flavor of the “poor” of Palermo.

In 1902, after a thorough renovation, the restaurant called Antica Focacceria San Francesco. Even today, after five generations, the brothers continue Conticello traditional food popular Palermo: pasta with sardines, focaccia frank and married and the timeless sfincione retain the flavors and aromas of the past.

In addition to the recent opening of Milan and Rome, Ancient Focacceria S. Francis presents a new challenge for 2015, the opening of 25 new stores “Antica Focacceria St. Francis” in ITALY, EUROPE and REST OF THE WORLD, and 29 “Feltrinelli coffee Powered by Antica Focacceria St. Francis.”